Picky eaters of the world, this ones for you. Everyone who knows me, knows I am the PICKIEST eater in the world. I don’t really like any meat but I will occasionally eat chicken if it’s really good quality and marinated so it doesn’t taste like chicken. I also don’t eat any seafood which surprises most people because I have grown up on Cape Cod. I was seriously lacking protein and nutrition in my diet and then I found my holy grail: Tropeaka.

I have hated all protein powders in the past because they tasted milky to me and I hate milk. The Tropeake protein powder is so good and all their products are so clean! It’s all plant based so it’s free from dairy, soy and gluten. I also love that it’s super easy to digest so you don’t get bloated.

This is my recipe for my daily smoothie that I typically drink after a workout:

I have noticed such a change in my energy levels, my skin, my hair, and my overall heath from having these smoothies every day. I hope you all enjoy this smoothie recipe and definitely try out Tropeaka if you haven’t already yet! It is life changing.