According to Urban Dictionary, a Girl boss is: “A woman in control, taking charge of her own circumstances in work & life. Someone who knows her worth and won't accept anything less. She is empowering and inspiring to those around her. She kicks ass! A girl boss knows that if you don't have big dreams and goals, that you'll end up working really hard for someone who does.”

To me, a #GirlBoss is a woman that wants to make a positive impact on the world. She has big dreams and aspirations and she is willing to turn those dreams into reality. She has passion and drive. She is 100% confident in who she is and what she wants in life. She doesn’t let anything hold her back.


I always loved the idea of entrepreneurship and being my own boss. This was exemplified to me growing up because my parents each own their own separate businesses. In fact, my younger brother started his own business before me while in high school! I guess my family just breeds entrepreneurs. 

The term “Girl Boss” is meant to empower and uplift other women. Some could think that using the word “girl” this way is demeaning, but I choose to look at it as powerful. Everything in life is about perspective and how we view it. I am choosing to view #girlboss as a positive, driving force. 

When I was younger, and still to this day, I always thought it was so cool that my mom owned her own business. Growing up with this example made me the person I am today. Her business was 100% self made and that is what I wanted to be able to do with my business. I started this company with zero investors and no financial help from my family. I wanted to start my company this way so that I wouldn’t be in debt to anyone right out of the gate. Also, by starting my company this way, I can confidently say that Molly J Swimwear is mine. Yes, I probably would be able to scale my company a whole lot faster if I had a lot of capital to work with, but I do think there is something very empowering about doing it all on my own. When I look back, I know I will be happy that I will be able to say “Molly J Swimwear was self made.” 


Now, I am not diminishing any business or individual who gets help along the way or gets help with the initial investment. My mom got a small loan to start her own business and was able to pay it off in the first month. I think people helping people is a really great thing and something we all should strive to do. I know my mom may not have funded my business, but I have been able to pick her brain and learn from her in ways that are much more valuable than money at this point! 

I am proud to be a Girl Boss and I want to inspire other girls and women to live to their fullest potential. There is always a difference between people who succeed and people who don’t. The people who succeed believe they can regardless of what anyone else thinks. Success is about believing in yourself and having the confidence to know your worth. We are only as good as our mindset. 

What do you think about being a #GirlBoss? Are you an entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments!! 


Molly J