I believe that traveling feeds your soul. Traveling is a vital aspect in personal growth, greater happiness and understanding the world on a larger scale. Recently, my boyfriend, Jon, and I were lucky enough to travel to the Bahamas and stay at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. 

Baha Mar is a brand new resort on the island of Nassau. It is now the largest resort with the biggest casino in the Caribbean. 

Our overall experience at Baha Mar was amazing. The resort is large enough that there is always something to do and there were enough restaurants on the resort to go to a new place every night. 

The pools at Baha Mar are incredible. In total, there are 6 pools on the property and each one has a different vibe. Jon and I are both kids at heart so we loved the pool with the waterfall and cliff driving area. This pool also has a cove that has views of the wildlife sanctuary. 


We mostly spent our days relaxing by the pool, swimming in the ocean, and exploring the Bahamas. At night, we ate. Jon and I both agree that a huge part of traveling is the food. Trying new food and new restaurants is so much fun and trying them together is a great bonding experience. We had so many amazing meals. Thank God Baha Mar has a beautiful gym where we could also get our fitness on after indulging all night! Life is all about balance, am I right? 

The water in the Bahamas is incredible. At Baha Mar, there is a beautiful pier and when you walk down the dock, it feels like a dream land. The views are like something out of a movie. We couldn’t pass up this chance to get some amazing photos for Molly J Swim

I loved having so many options for swimwear to wear on our vacation. The first two days, I wore the Jojo bikini. The first day I wore black and the second day I work the army green. I love these suits for tanning because you don’t get any crazy tan lines! These suits were perfect to get a nice base tan. I also loved wearing my first ever (and favorite!) suit, the Kiki in ruby red. This suit looked great given its contrast with the turquoise water.  


The last day of our vacation we had planned to go to Pearl Island but it was canceled due to weather. We decided to go into downtown Nassau instead. The location of Baha Mar is great because it’s kinda close to everything. It was a quick taxi ride to downtown and we were able to explore the city and have an amazing lunch at Cafe Martinique. I personally love how everything is so colorful in the Bahamas. Even the court house was pastel pink. It’s impossible not to be happy in the Bahamas. 

Overall, Jon and I had an amazing vacation. They say the best way to get to know someone is to travel with them. Even though we have been dating for four years, traveling together allows you to learn even more. Both Jon and I loved Baha Mar. We were so sad when we had to leave and we really hope to get back there soon!