One of my biggest goals in life is to have my dream Cape house. Jon and I have the same dream which is motivating for both of us. I have been fortunate to have summered on Cape Cod and I want to provide the same experience for my future kids. Summering on the Cape is something I will forever be grateful for and has shaped who I am today. I have developed a deep love for the ocean and for nature. I love to be outside, breathing in the fresh air or swimming in the salty sea. I would be happy and thankful living in any house on the Cape, but, we all have our dream homes. And a girl can dream, can’t she!? Here are the things that could make my future Cape house a dream Cape house and #CapeHouseGoals:



My motivation is to make my dream a reality. I love the ocean and I dream of the day where I wake up in my own home, looking out on to the ocean. I plan to work hard enough in my career and be successful enough that this will be my reality. Being able to wake up and see and smell the ocean is literally the best feeling in the world. Having a little deck off your bedroom like this photo is a plus. Imaging sipping your morning tea, breathing in the ocean air and basking in the sun. Sign me up.



I have grown up on the water and on boats. I have a huge boating family and my brother and dad are big fishermen. Summer days when we were on the boat were always the best. I loved meeting up with other boats and just hanging out all day. Boating is such a big part of Cape Cod and know it’s something I will have in my future if I work hard enough. Having a dock where you can just walk right out to your back yard and hop on the boat to cruise over to the vineyard for dinner is definitely something at the top of my list!


A pool is a must. I love the ocean, but since I want to have a dock, it won’t really be swimming water. Also the water doens’t really get warm in the Cape till mid July. Having a beautiful heated pool with lounge chairs for sun bathing in is definitely something on my check list! Jon specifically wants an infinity pool that will look out to the ocean. If you coudln’t tell already, we both have really big goals!!



Like I have said before, I love being outside, especially in the summer. When it’s a warm summer night, it’s so nice to be able to sit on the patio, around a fire pit and have a nice glass of wine with friends. Having a home that has outdoor space is definitely high on my list! A bunch of big comfy couches around a fit pit, with a view of the ocean sounds amazing.


I love hydrangeas and I want them everywhere. They are so quintessential, classic Cape Cod and I don’t think you can have a Cape house without them. I know the landscaping of my future home will be very important.


Do you have a dream home and a dream home location? Let me know in the comments below whats most important to your dream home!