Recently, one of the most asked questions on my instagram photos and in my DM’s is “How tall are you?” I have realize there is a shortage of TALL fashion bloggers! I am hoping to fill that void :)

I have gotten so many cute dresses and ropers lately that have fit great for a girl who’s 5’9”! Majority of these pieces are from Red Dress Boutique and in order to make the length fit, I just size up! I am hoping I can help you tall ladies find some super cute outfits for this Spring and Summer!

Click on the photos below to get a direct link to shop!


Orange will be SUCH a popular color this summer! I got a size Medium and the length is a perfect mini length!


Buttons are a huge tend for this Spring! I know I will be wearing this dress way too much! I got a medium but I think a small would still even fit length wise!

Baby Blue

This is one of the most flattering colors when you have a nice tan! I love that this romper fits in length! I got a size medium and it fits perfectly.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are SO flattering! This dress is also a size medium and fits perfectly in length!

If you want to see more style like these, watch my recent clothing haul on YouTube for all the latest dresses and rompers!