It’s that time of year again!! The Sephora VIB Rouge sale starts tomorrow, April 26th! This is the BEST time to stock up on all your beauty products because the WHOLE ENTIRE STORE is 20% off! If you aren’t a VIB Rouge member, try to find a friend who is and have them place and order for you! It’s so worth it.

Below I have linked some of the BEST products to get during the sale!






Once I entered my mid 20s, I really started to understand the importance of the things like skin care and taking care of my body in general. I realized that sunscreen is important, staying hydrated is important, exercise is important, and much more. I recently have found some products that I SWEAR by and they have literally changed my life, my skin and my health. Click on the images below to check out each companies website! I know you guys will love these products as much as I do.

VITAL PROTEINS: Beauty Collagen Water

Taking a collagen supplement has truly changed my skin for the better. It has also helped my hair and nails. Even my hair stylist is shocked at how my hair keeps getting thicker and thicker every time I see her. I know the collagen has definitely really helped! I have also noticed a huge change in the texture of my skin. It is so much more smooth and my skin tone is more even! It has made going make up free much more bearable!


Getting a silk pillow case was literally LIFE CHANGING. I’m kinda strange, but I sleep with a pillow over my face! I get that weird trait from my mom. But anyways, I would wake up in the morning with all of my baby hairs around my face all broken or in knots. Then they would break even more when I would go to brush my hair. Getting a skin pillow case has truly changed the game. I wake up and don’t even have to brush my hair. If I have something the next morning where I know I have to look good, I could curl my hair the nigh before and wake up and it would still be perfect! Silk pillowcases are also amazing for anti aging. They help to reduce wrinkles and you won’t wake up with any crazy lines on your face!

If you cannot afford to splurge on the Slip branded pillow case, I have linked come cheaper dupes that are just as great in the photos below! Be sure to check them out for some great deals!


I recently have been using the brand Tula and I love it. It’s a probiotic based skin care regimen and it was designed but a gastroenterologist. I honestly have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using their products. I also love that Tula is a female run business and it has the medical aspect to it as well. My skin has been so much more hydrated and the texture has really improved. I have linked the discovery kit because it gives you a great deal on the most popular regimen. It’s a great way to try it out.


A week after I started using an oil on my face, I knew I was never going back. Even though oils and serums are kinda pricey, when it comes to your skin, they are SO worth it. I used to be scared of oils and thought: I have oily skin and my skin is acne prone, why the heck would I put more oil on top of that?! Well, girl, it’s life changing. By using an oil, you skin will actually produce LESS oil and it will make your skin SO much healthier! Having a great skin care routine is super important and using a face oil is a must. I have linked some of my favorites below! In order from left to right, they will get less expensive.


I actually didn’t start using an eye cream until a year or so ago. I just didn’t think I needed it. I have now realized though, that the earlier you start, the better. I am 25, so I don’t have any wrinkles, but I definitely have a few lines under my eyes that I NEVER had before. I think investing in a good quality eye cream is SO important! Below I have linked some of my favorites. Right now, I am using the Sephora Collection eye cream and I actually love it! Guess what: It’s only $16 bucks! That is by far the best eye cream I have found at the best price!

WATER (& NO (or very little) ALCOHOL)

Okay, so I know water isn’t a crazy beauty hack or something you would go buy at Sephora, but when it comes to your skin and anti aging, it’s life changing. Seriously. Sometimes we forget to drink water, but as we get into our 20s and beyond, we can’t. Water is so important for the skin to retain it’s moisture. It also helps to flush out all the toxins from your body. Another thing that was life changing for my skin was cutting out alcohol (with an occasional glass of wine every now and then). I love my wine, but I have really realized how bad it is for your skin. After a night of drinking, you wake up and you skin is all puffy, maybe you got a break out or two, you feel gross, and your skin is so dehydrated. It’s not a cute look and it’s REALLY bad for the longevity of your skin. In the photo, I linked my favorite water bottle to help you drink more water! It’s hooked up to an app on your phone that will remind you to drink water and it will keep track of how much water your drink. If you are someone who typically forgets to drink water, you need this ASAP.